Myogrip Myofascial IASTM Tool

Myogrip Myofascial IASTM Tool

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Comfortably use this highly ergonomic tool to treat sore muscles and knots between workouts, climbs, rides, runs, games, and more!

  • Recover Faster

  • Increase Range of Motion

  • Reduce Overall Muscle Pain

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Benefits of MyoGrip


Reduce Hand Fatigue

Protect your wrists, hands, & fingers. The highly ergonomic handle provides stability and allows a strong grip to apply pressure in difficult areas while maneuvering comfortably.

Multiple Treatment Surfaces

A tapering double beveled treatment surface allows you to effectively treat all size muscles, ligaments, and tendons with a single tool.

Cost Effective

MyoGrip is the only IASTM tool you will ever need. It provides you with a level of versatility in one tool that would normally require a set of 3 or more tools costing $300 to $1,000.


Essential For Fast Recovery

MyoGrip is an important recovery tool for every athlete to have in their toolbox / bag.


Relieve pain and quicken healing time with the incredible MyoGrip.

The handle keeps your hand comfortable while providing maximum stability and grip. 

The thumb rest reduces pressure at your CMC joint and redirects it through the nob.

The nob is perfect for treating larger muscles like hamstrings, quads, calves, and paraspinals. 

The wide edge limits the amount of redness produced on the skin when applying pressure to larger muscles.

The narrow edge is designed for treating achilles tendonitis, lateral epicondylitis, plantar fasciitis, or any other areas around the hands and feet.


Why Choose MyoGrip

MyoGrip is the most ergonomic and user friendly myofascial tool available.

Myogrip On Black 1.jpg


Designed to promote stability and prehension through the use of a power grip position, MyoGrip makes it easy and comfortable to apply the necessary pressure around your body.

Other soft tissue tools are flat and one dimensional, making them hard to grip, difficult to use, and likely to cause fatigue with extended use.

With MyoGrip’s highly ergonomic handle and thumb rest, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of IASTM in a comfortable and safe manner. 

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By incorporating a double beveled treatment surface that varies in thickness, MyoGrip provides  you with multiple options for applying pressure to treat soft tissue. 

The cone shaped dome helps you treat trigger points or larger muscles, tendons, and ligaments without injuring your thumbs.

Compared to other tools that only have one flat edge, MyoGrip is designed to treat different densities of tissue without the need of additional instruments. 

MyoGrip is perfect for Gua Sha, IASTM, IAFM, myofascial release, scraping, or any other type of bodywork. 

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Professional Grade

MyoGrip is precision CNC machined to have the perfect weight and balance for you to effectively soothe pain in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Built with 6061 precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy, MyoGrip is highly durable and resistant to corrosion. This makes it extremely easy to travel with, no matter the environment.

The bead polished and anodized surface makes it exceptionally smooth, and easy to clean with soap & water.


Also Included In Your Purchase

Get everything you need to eliminate tight knots from your muscles.

Myogrip On Black 4.jpg

Neoprene Protective Case

Crafted with 1680D ballistic nylon and EVA molded foam, this case will keep your MyoGrip in pristine condition wherever your training and adventures take you. 

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MyoGrip Cooling Muscle Rub

(3oz. Roll On Applicator)

Formulated with a special blend of essential oils and herbs, this topical cream helps soothe aches and muscle pains without the use of harsh chemicals. 

Use this cooling muscle rub with the MyoGrip to restore and rejuvenate your muscles.

Contains: Menthol, Vitamin E, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Clove Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Green Tea Extract, Chamomile Extract.


Product Details


  • 6061 aluminum

  • Bead polished & anodized to provide smooth finish

  • Weight: 13 ounces

  • Dimensions: 3.6 x 1.2 x 5.1 inches

  • Color: Slate grey

MyoGrip Case

  • 1680D ballistic nylon

  • EVA molded foam to protect the tool

  • Zipper and carry handle

Cooling Muscle Rub

  • Infused Organics

  • Paraben Free

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

  • Dye Free

  • Animal Cruelty Free

  • Made in USA


What People Are Saying About MyoGrip

MyoGrip is loved by athletes around the world and maintains a 5-star rating on Amazon.


“I originally bought the MyoGrip to work on myself, just as a recovery and deep massage tool. It does wonders! But at one point, I was going to physical therapy for an told my PT about it...brought it in so he could try it and now he won't give it back! Ha. He says it's his favorite tool. I thought that spoke volumes and told me that MyoGrip is really on to something here.”

~ Tyler Moyer


“It has a great handle so you can use it on yourself, and you don’t have to get someone else to. I usually use this a lot on my quads. This is a great way to recover from workouts and I use it all the time.”

~ Matt Hewett


“Highly recommended! I ordered the myogrip to do some home recovery treatment after long hikes and snowboard trips. I’m usually spending 4-5 days in a row hiking and riding and my calfs and quads get crazy sore. I use this tool in the hot tub, shower or with a lotion to help work out the tight and sore knots in my legs and I love it. It travels well and is easy to wash. It’s heavy so I don’t have to push really hard and it’s more specific than a foam roller. Definitely worth the purchase!”

~ Julian Scott


5 Star Rating on Amazon

"The handle makes all the difference in the world. It provides the stability and proper grip to apply the pressure in difficult areas while having the versatility to maneuver comfortably. Whether it's foam rolling or any other soft tissue release, this should be in your arsenal."


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