"The handle makes all the difference in the world.  It provides the stability and proper grip to apply the pressure in difficult areas while having the versatility to maneuver comfortably. Whether it's foam rolling or any other soft tissue release, this should be in your arsenal."

~ Jesse Beers NASM, MYTPI, NCSF CPT      @beersjesse


“Highly recommended! I ordered the myogrip to do some home recovery treatment after long hikes and snowboard trips. I’m usually spending 4-5 days in a row hiking and riding and my calfs and quads get crazy sore. I use this tool in the hot tub, shower or with a lotion to help work out the tight and sore knots in my legs and I love it. It travels well and is easy to wash. It’s heavy so I don’t have to push really hard and it’s more specific than a foam roller. Definitely worth the purchase!”

~ Julian Scott


“So glad I came across this on Facebook! As a “weekend warrior” I'm always in need of constant maintenance on my beat up body! I've been wanting to get into instrument assisted myofascial release for a while now but the cost of the tools was always a prohibiting factor. This tool is much less expensive than the sets and does just as much if not more. I've been using the tool a few times a week in my trouble areas and have felt improvements in recovery, range of motion, and overall muscle pain. I need a little more leverage when doing the quads and IT band and the weight and grip really help.

This definitely has a clean and professional look and feel. The weight is good and it feels great in the hand. I played with it on myself and a friend to test it in action and was pleased with the results. So far I'm very happy!”

~ A. Campbell


“It has a great handle so you can use it on yourself, and you don’t have to get someone else to. I usually use this a lot on my quads. This is a great way to recover from workouts and I use it all the time.”

~ Matt Hewett


“I originally bought the MyoGrip to work on myself, just as a recovery and deep massage tool. It does wonders! But at one point, I was going to physical therapy for an told my PT about it...brought it in so he could try it and now he won't give it back! Ha. He says it's his favorite tool. I thought that spoke volumes and told me that MyoGrip is really on to something here.”

~ Tyler Moyer


“A very good quality tool for the price, nice weight and smooth edges, making it easy to apply sufficient pressure without hand strain. I wasn’t sure about the tool being made from heavy duty aluminum but it’s solid, heavy and has a smooth finish and color that I love. It responds and feels like steel. I have been using it for the past week to help release bound fascia, and I could feel a noticeable difference in muscle access after one use, especially in my arms.”

~ Rob


“As a PT I own various IASTM including the Endiglow Set and Myofascial Releaser Ellipse Pro (probably the best tool) sold here on Amazon. But the Ellipse Pro is quite uncomfortable on your Thenar when you apply it on yourself whereas this Myogrip has a thicker grip which won't fatigue or strain your grip when you apply it on someone else or yourself.”

~ J. Long


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